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Compilation error to add a winapifamily.h in a project VS I have a project in VS C and when I add a library called winapifamily.h, in the project appears a lot of compilation errors, sintaxis errors, i dont know, its like 一路向西百度影音


c++ - winapifamily.h : No such file or directory - Stack Overflow How about hardcoding the include directory to your project? winapifamily.h should be on C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Kits\\8.0\\Include\\shared. You can add it to the search dire夜来撸动图

什么是winapifamily.h?-windows,sdk,winddk-CodeGo.net 什么是winapifamily.h? windows,sdk,winddk无法找到它在Windows SDK和DDK,但我们现有的代码包含它。我发现谷歌的链接是:它是插哦综合网快播

There is no documentation for Application Partitions (winapifamily.h) | There does not appear to be any documentation on Application Partitions as used in the header winapifamily.h. Searching results in spurious results related to Application Partitio

winapifamily_企业公告-金桥网年9月4日-先去调查这个外部三方dll是否符合Metro要求,dll中的方法被标记 #if WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION(WINAPI_PARTITION_APP) WINAPI_FAM

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